In the 18 years of our existence, we at Dexter have seen manufacturers of Ex equipment come and go. Some ceased to exist, others merged with competitors and became the major companies that we know today. In 2005 we have become a manufacturer ourselves. A reason for us to do so, was the inflexibility of the industry towards a market that most of all required… flexibility. Many of our clients appeared to be interested in products that simply weren’t there.

What started in 2005, now has become part of our core identity: innovative designers of Ex equipment. Some very successful companies inspired us to want to keep design and production in one hand, which guarantees that the product that you see is exactly the product that we designed.

DEX30 is the most recent manifestation of this method and we can honestly say we’re proud of it. It combines state-of-the-art optical quality with the latest connectivity technology and our unique integrated  Ex e connection chamber design that has set a new standard in the Ex camera world. The DEX30 concept has proven to be very interesting and it attracts attention from all over the world.

We are building a comprehensive product line of dome, PTZ, fixed and thermal cameras, in stainless steel or aluminium alloy housings for on- and offshore use. We do so in cooperation with manufacturers of top quality optical components.  However, there’s room for more: we know our camera housing are among the best in their class. Wouldn’t you want your camera to get the housing it deserves?

Let us know; we’re open for partnerships.


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