FHF Sounder-Strobe- Combination AXL05

  • AC and DC models
  • High sound level up to 112 dB(A)
  • Low power consumption
  • Choice of 32 different signal tones
  • Strobe light 2.5 Joule
  • Robust and reliable
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The sounder-strobe-combination consists of a compact highvolume signalling device with good directivity and a 2.5 Joule strobe light. The optical and acoustic signals can be controlled separately. The ingress protection of IP 66 allows for indoor and outdoor applications. The housing is made of ABS/polycarbonat. The sounder comprises 32 different signal tones, which makes it suitable for universal use. The signal tone is selected with a DIP switch. All available versions are suited to a 2-stage-alarm. The integrated strobe light is controlles via a separate connection terminal.