FHF Ex Howl-Call Telephones

  • Telephony without power supply
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Wide range of accessories
  • For rough environmental conditions
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If you want or need to use a telephone where this is normally not possible, you need a telephone system that works according to the dynamic principle. Without any external power supply or complex equipment. In blast furnace areas, in tunnel building or mining areas, offshore, on an oil rig or a deep-sea vessel – in any place that is not (yet) connected to any energy source, the dynamic telephony represents an ideal opportunity for connection. To the switchboard, to the base station, to the bridge or colleagues above ground or wherever. This surprisingly easy but efficient method is already being used in many industrial areas to order material or report malfunctions and, not least, in many cases of work accidents it has already been useful to quickly call for help.

The howl call telephone is a battery-free and networkindependent telephone with highly efficient dynamic transmitter and receiver capsules offering remote communication without power supply. The call signal is generated by turning the rotary knob containing an audio frequency dynamo. All telephones have a sturdy, impact-resistant and weatherproof housing. For years they have proven to be a reliable choice for the mining and tunnel building sectors, at construction sites and for industrial applications. The range is about 10 km.