FHF Ex-proof LED Light ExpertLine

  • Housing polycarbonate (black) 3
  • All metal parts of V4A stainless steel
  • Protection degree IP 66 acc. to IEC 60529 3
    II 2 G Ex emb(ib) IIC T4
    II 2 D Ex mbD tD A21 IP66 T 130°C
  • 4 different operating modes (continuous, blinking, strobe and rotating light)
  • available colours: white, red, yellow, green and blue
  • Special version acc. ICAO Low Intensity Type A
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Hazardous areas often require the use of optical signals for warning, information or signalling purposes. The Ex-LED Light Expertline-LED provides these signalling options. The available operating modes are Continuous light, Strobe light, Blinking light and Rotating light, and turning on the supply voltage activates the device. The Ex-Light is equipped with high performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and comes in the colours white, red, yellow, green and blue. The housing conforms to protection degree IP66 and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.