FHF Accessories to the explosion-proof Telephone ResistTel

  • Ingress protection IP54
  • Protection type Ex Secondary Receiver: II 2G Ex ia IIC T6
  • Protection type Ex Headset: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
  • Ex Headset with approx. 15 m connection cable
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The intrinsically safe Ex Secondary Receiver Set is used for connection to the explosion-proof telephones ExResistTel and ExResistTel MB. The receiver enables a third person to take part in the telephone conversation. Moreover, it can be used to reduce disturbing environmental noises during a telephone call.

The Headset may be connected to all explosion-proof telephones from the ExResistTel line to improve communication in noisy environments, protect the user from harmful environmental noise and enable telephone calls while carrying out tasks that require the use of both hands.

The Ex Headset and Ex Secondary Receiver Set both include mounting brackets as well as the required screws and cable glands for an installation at the telephone.