IMCOS-2101-V2 alarm monitor

  • Directly connected to all IMCOS system components.
  • Real time status display
  • Different fault monitored (E.g. loss of power, amplifier fault, controller fault and main control unit fault).
  • Display with a dimmer for light intensity adjustment
  • LCD display for alarm displaying
  • Internal buzzer for audio notification
  • Resettable/non resettable interface to ship’s automation
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IMCOS-2101 is the alarm monitor for IMCOS system.

It is designed to constantly check the status of IMCOS devices in order to assure a complete control of the system.

Material Aluminum – RAL 9005
Dimensions 2U 19” rack mount
Mounting Rack mounting
Operating temp +5ºC to +55ºC
Weight 1 Kg
Inputs number 26 Voltage or no-voltage selection
Inputs type 20 Voltage (24V AC-DC) / no voltage selection by dip-switches
6 Voltage (220/110/24 AC-DC) selelection by dip switches
3 Remote alarm panel inputs
Outputs number 4
Outputs No resettable
Common fault
Normally closed contact
Normally closed contact
NC or NO contact
NC or NO contact
Power supply Primary
220/110 VAC 50/60 Hz
24 VDC