IMCOS-3000-V2 PA/TB Controller

  • Microprocessor operated controller
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Up to 64 programmable Inputs/ Outputs to manage IMCOS system and third parties interfaces, such as fire detection system or gas system
  • Master, Back-up and Slave mode operations, selected through Dip-Switches
  • Slave addresses selected through Dip-Switches (1 for each serial)
  • 4 RS-232/RS485 interfaces for digital connection with peripherals and for system programming
  • Status LEDs for power and interface connections
  • Free contacts to connect external systems
  • Redundant configuration with Master and Back-up units. Back-up unit turns automatically into Master in case of fault
  • FAIL-SAFE operation mode, to allow signal flow also in case of relay fault
  • Priority management between emergency messages from panels and alarm signals
  • Up to 50 slave modules for each serial connection (4 x 50); each slave module working independently
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IMCOS-3000-V2 is a programmable control unit, responsible for all IMCOS relays and functions.

IMCOS-3000-V2 is based on a PLC with dedicated software: funtionalities associated to each input/output signal can be re-programmend on customer requirement.

IMCOS-3000-V2 manages all the inputs from the different peripherals and external systems and converts them into instructions for the components of the PAGA system, such as alarm panels, amplifiers, alarm monitors, talk back systems etc.

Type System Ctrl
Mounting Rack mounting – 19” rack, with mounting support
Terminal strips for general purpose Input/Output
RS485 for serial connection
IDC connection
Power Supply 24 V DC
Consumption 10 W
Dimensions Width 216 mm, Height 190 mm
Relay Capacity 64 Input/Output
10 Inputs & 10 Outputs reserved for internal use
(typical value)