MTL K1650 – Hydrogen Purity And Purge Gas Analyser

  • Single remote sensor
  • Measures all gas purge stages
  • ATEX certified for hazardous areas
  • Simple, low cost servicing
  • Optional sample systems
  • Easy replacement of old analysers
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The K1650 fixed analyser consists of display /controller unit, pre-mounted in a panel for easy retrofitting and a remote sensor assembly. The remote sensor assembly consists of a katharometer supplied in a wall mounting, IP65 enclosure complete with flowmeter and sample flow control valve. The sensor is certified to European standards for use in Group IIB + H2 gases, and the zener barrier interface, incorporated in the display/controller unit, allows ‘live-working’ on the sensor unit.

  • Display

    Dot matrix LCD registering 4 lines of
    alphanumeric characters

  • Ranges

    0 to 100% CO2 in Air (Resolution 0.5%)
    0 to 100% H2 in CO2 (Resolution 0.1%)
    90 to 100% H2 in Air (Resolution 0.1%)

  • Stability

    Better than 1% fsd/month

  • Accuracy

    ±1% fsd typically

  • Sampleflow 

    Between 100 to 300 ml/min for optimum

  • Sample temp.

    –10°C to +55°C (non-condensing)

  • Sample pressure

    Set by vent pressure which must be
    nominally atmospheric

  • Speed of response

    T90 – typically 5secs or less

  • Sample connections:

    Captive seal compression fittings
    suitable for 0.25inch (or 6mm) outside
    diameter tube.

  • Output (signal)

    4 to 20mA, proportional to the selected
    range. Maximum load 600Ω.

  • Alarms

    Four user configurable alarms
    programmable for level, function and
    hysteresis are provided as follows:
    • 1 alarm for CO2 in Air
    • 1 alarm for CO2 in H2
    • 2 alarms for H2 purity
    Outputs are volt-free changeover relay
    contacts rated at: 48V AC or DC, 0.5A

  • Ambient temp

    –5°C to +40°C

  • Power supply

    110/120V or 220/240VAC, 50/60Hz
    power consumption, 12VA

  • Mounting

    Electronics unit/Control/Display unit:
    panel mounting with six screws
    Remote sensor unit: wall/bulkhead

  • Options

    • EEx d enclosure for K1650 electronics unit
    • Larger electronics mounting plate,
    dimensions: 432mm(h) x 381mm(w)
    • Sample conditioning panel – see diagram