MTL KK650 – Hydrogen and Chlorine Gas Analyser

  • Proven technology from the katharometer experts
  • Unique dual sensor technology
  • Works during start-up
  • Benign, surrogate gas calibration
  • Wet and dry sample systems
  • Low cost of ownership
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The KK650 is designed specifically for measuring hydrogen and chlorine gases within the chlor-alkali industry. Hydrogen measurement is our field of expertise, but this application is not straightforward. Hydrogen levels are low and the mixture is not binary. In addition to the hydrogen and chlorine; oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are also present. These are referred to as the ‘inerts’.  At start-up, the gas stream mainly consists of nitrogen purge gas with a gradually increasing percentage of chlorine.

All types of chlorine plant can be monitored by one of two models which differ in the hydrogen range and resolution (see specification). Each provides accurate monitoring of the process gas from start up to normal running.

  • Gas measurement ranges

    Hydrogen: 0 – 5.00% or 0–10.00%
    Chlorine: 0-100.0%

  • Stability

    < 1% f.s.d. over the operating
    temperature range.
    < 1% f.s.d./month

  • Accuracy

    ±1% f.s.d. or ±2% f.s.d.
    depending on calibration method

  • Repeatability

    < 1% f.s.d.

  • Speed of response

    T90: 30 seconds (typ.)

  • Sample flow

    100 – 400ml/min
    (~350ml/min for optimum performance)

  • Sample temperature range

    0°C to +60°C (non-condensing)

  • Sample pressure

    Atmospheric, set by vent pressure

  • Sample connections

    Inlet and outlet: Captive seal
    compression suitable for 0.25inch
    (or 6mm) o.d. tube

  • Analogue output ranges (4/20mA)

    Hydrogen: 1.00 to 5.0% (adjustable)*
    2.00 – 10.00% (adjustable)*
    Chlorine: 100% (fixed)
    Minimum load 600 ohms
    * depending on model chosen (see above)

  • Concentration alarms

    One programmable alarm for each gas
    Volt-free contacts

  • Fault indicators

    1) Instrument status
    2) Reactor temperature status
    Volt-free contacts

  • Ambient operating temperature range

    Sensor: +5°C to 55°C
    Electronics: +5°C to 45°C

  • Storage temperature range

    0°C to 55°C
    (0-90% R.H. non-condensing)

  • Power

    110V or 220V AC (nom.), 50/60Hz
    80 VA requirement

  • Mechanical details

    Electronics: GRP wall-mount enclosure
    Protection: IP66
    Net weight: 20 kg (nom.)
    Dimensions: (mm) 650h x 450w x 250d

  • Katharometer/reactor: Wall-mount panel

    Net weight: 3 kg (nom.)
    Dimensions: (mm) 150h x 240w x 115d
    Connecting cable length: 2 metres