Eaton MTL AZONIX Barracuda 15 Workstation

  • New Intel® Coreâ„¢ i7 2.5GHz processor
  • New 15 inch, sunlight-viewable display
  • New solid glass projected capacitive touchscreen
  • New wide temperature range -40OC to +60OC
  • New built-in high gain 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN
  • IECEx Zone2 / ATEX Zone 2 / AEx C1 Zone 2 approvals
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The Azonix Barracuda 15 WS solves the industry”™s need for a high performance computing platform that is both rugged and mobile enough to operate in extreme conditions. Many rugged mobile computers have failed under the same harsh conditions that the Azonix Barracuda is designed to thrive in.

Workstations and displays used in the oil and gas industry need to be transportable and flexible to mount in a variety of ways. With the Azonix Barracuda, customers have the versatility to configure and mount an array of units close together, providing access to multiple sources of information at one time.

The Azonix Barracuda 15 WS can be utilized in rig floor applications such as MWD / LWD, mudlogging or well stimulation in oil and gas operations where a display or workstation must be able to withstand harsh shock and vibration and meet hazardous area certification. The system”™s small footprint and VESA hole pattern allows for easy mounting in space-constrained work areas, making it equally suitable for use in machine automation environments where a standalone system must be mountable to various surfaces, from a standard pedestal to a boom, pole or custom panel mounting.

The Barracuda can be utilized in applications such as Military C4 applications and oil and gas exploration, where a display or workstation must be able to withstand harsh shock and vibration or other rugged environmental factors.