Eaton MTL 24V DC Power Supply Units

  • 5, 12 or 24VDC output
  • Choice of AC and DC supply
  • CE marked and UL, CUL listed
  • Wide supply range
  • High reliability
  • Fully protected output
  • Mounting accessories
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For the many control and instrumentation products which require a safe supply of 24V DC, RTK Instruments can supply a broad range of power supplies to suit different applications. Failing into two distinct categories, linear/unregulated and switch model stabilised, the designs maintain the high reliability required for demanding industrial applications.

The switch mode power supplies are generally smaller and offer the most cost effective solution for low power applications, up to about 5OW. The unregulated supplies are ideally suited to the higher current outputs typically encountered on alarm annunciator applications. Because of their simple and rugged design they have been adopted in many industrial sectors and have a proven reliability record over more than 15 years.