Eaton MTL TP-Pipe Range

  • Easy and direct mounting – screws into spare conduit entry on the transmitter
  • Intrinsically safe and flameproof to CENELEC standards
  • Low impedance series connection avoids signal degradation of the loop
  • ATEX and Factory Mutual (FM) approved
  • 10 year product warranty
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The TP-Pipe surge protection device safeguards field-mounted process transmitters where it matters, right at the unit. The TP-Pipe screws directly into the conduit entry, with no additional modification. After this simple installation, it provides high-level protection against surges and transients whilst normal operation remains unaffected. The TP-Pipe resets itself automatically after each operation. The units are available with screw threads to suit different transmitters, with explosion proof and intrinsically safe options for hazardous areas. Working voltage is 48V and 32V dc maximum with impulse ratings of 20kA peak current and 20kV peak voltage.