Eaton MTL660 range

  • Loop powered 4-20mA
  • Field and panel mounting
  • Environmental protection to IP67
  • Easy to configure
  • Number of displayed digits configurable
  • Backlight options
  • Zone 2 mounting
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The MTL661, MTL662, MTL663 and MTL665 digital indicators enable process variables to be displayed locally in hazardous and general purpose plant areas. A typical example would be the re-transmission of mass/flow computations from the safe area, through a suitable MTL IS interface to the indicator in the hazardous area.

The displays are loop powered from the 4-20mA process signal and their low voltage drop allows them to be installed in almost any 2-wire, 4-20mA transmitter loop.

All units can indicate measured values in a linear or a square root extraction mode; the latter being used, for example, to display flow from differential pressure measurement devices such as orifice plates, Dall tubes, or venturi.

The MTL661 Field mounting unit is housed in a tough aluminium enclosure, suitable for wall or pipe mounting. For corrosive atmospheres use the MTL663 – the plastic case provides excellent resistance to harmful contaminents.

The MTL665 is the panel mounted version and is IP65, IP66, IP67 and NEMA4 rated.

MTL66x IS indicators are classified as “˜non-energy storing”™ simple apparatus so they can be inserted into any IS loop without recertification.

For Zone 2 mounting, without the need for an IS barrier or isolator, the MTL661-NA and MTL662-NA are available.