Mercury 2+

  • Long term availability: We offer 10 year support guarantees*
  • Extended Warranties: Subtle redesign of the keyboard allows a 10 million key
    press or 2 year standard warranty**
  • High speed Hazardous Area communications: The Mercury 2+ Terminal will allow
    115,200 Baud communications up to 1km in the Hazardous Area
  • Enhanced Processing performance: The use of a high speed RISC processor and
    machine independent high level language makes internal processing an order of
    magnitude faster, giving crisp graphic displays
  • Two digital outputs are provided for gate control or other signalling purposes
  • Extended Visibility: An adaptive back light is provided to ease reading in low light
    and dark conditions when used with the new R507 IS Communications modules
  • Multiple languages are supported, including non-Roman character sets. We
    currently support Thai and Cyrillic with Mandarin Chinese to follow
  • Security Card Adaptive Mechanism (SCAM) allows integration of new card
    technologies as they become available
  • Currently supported security standards include, Wiegand, EM4102, HID, iClass, Mifare
  • Mercury Application Programming Interface available for localisation and
  • Dust-proof ATEX certification available as standard
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The Mercury 2+ Terminal is the next generation of the Mercury family, designed to be fully backward compatible, whilst future proofing the long term availability of this product line.

Designed for use in Hazardous Areas, the rugged construction and Intrinsically Safe certification enable it to be used in Zone 0 locations in the continuous presence of flammable vapours and gases.

The Mercury 2+ Terminal was designed to IP65 for outside use and can operate
in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C, so it is well able to withstand extreme weather conditions and is also appropriate for areas where wash-down procedures are necessary.


ATEX EEx ia IIC T4 Ta = -20°C to +60°C, Zone 0, Certificate
Number Sira 02ATEX2297X

Ambient temperature:

-20°C to +60°C (operating), -20°C to +70°C (storage)

Ingress protection:



Aluminium casting, powder coated, Weight: 5.5 Kg

Mercury 2+ Display:

Back lit Supertwist LCD, black characters on silver
40 x 8 characters (text mode)
240 x 64 pixels (graphics mode)
Dual character size. Large = approx 12mm


Polyester membrane type with 30 or 42 key matrix
Upper case, lower case and numeric character sets
Tactile and aural feedback
8 function keys

User memory:

7000 Bytes non volatile, up to 99 stored messages


IS version, 4 wire connection to IS interface module
Non-IS version, 2 wires power, 3 wire RS232 data or
2/4 wire RS485/422

Data protocol:

Based on VT100 or Modbus

Contact I/O:

3 off, internally-powered inputs for volt-free contacts.
2 off IS Digital Outputs, Isolated Open-Collectors

Hazard area connections:

Data/power to Mercury, 4 wires
Galvanically Isolated, 20V, 100 Ohm

Cable Parameters:

4 cores or 2 twisted pairs, 1 km max
251 nF max
33 microH /Ohm max
20 Ohms per core max

IS earth:

Not required


20 – 32V dc, 2W nominal


Safe Area

Ambient temperature:

-20°C to +60°C (operating)
-20°C to +70°C (storage)


95%, non-condensing

Data connections:

RS232, RS422 or RS485


25mm rail to DIN 46277