Hekatron firedetection products


Smoke detectors and fire communication products 

Hekatron is a prominent manufacturer of smoke detectors and all alternative fire communication installations.
Hekatron's core activities are R&D and manufacturing of a wide range of fire and security products and systems.
Hekatron particularly emphasizes on quality and highly integrated system technologies.

Hekatron is the leading specialist in development, production and distribution of integrated systems for fire protection. In 1964, one year after the foundation, the company developed Europe's first scattered light smoke detector for series production. In 1967 Hekatron invented the optical smoke switch for fire proof doors for fully automatic door release systems. Since then continuous research and development, as well as an open ear for our customers needs, are the basis for smoke switches and smoke detectors at our location in Germany. You will also profit from this quality if you distribute Hekatron products with your brand name.