FHF Telephone Protection Hood Type 404 Metal

  • Sound insulation up to 25 dB(A)
  • Weatherproof design
  • RAL coatings yellow or red, other colours on request
  • Stainless steel or sheet steel variants available
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The telephone protection hood is an excellent aid to improve audibility in noisy surroundings in places where open telephones have to be installed for economic reasons. The special shape of the hood and its inner lining with soundabsorbing material optimally reduces noise in the area of the telephone. The overhearing of telephone conversations from outside the hood is also impeded. The best acoustic effect is achieved whith the back of the protection hood facing the noise sources or greatest noise source (see directional diagram of sound-level reduction). The protection hood is made of steel sheet or stainless steel and contains an inner lining with sound-absorbing rock wool boards protected with a perforated plate cover