IMCOS-3002 System controller assembly

  • Internally structured into two sides, to guarantee a complete redundancy in case of fault:
    • SIDE 1 – MASTER, complete with the main alarm tone generator and pre-amplifier;
    • SIDE 2 – BACK-UP, complete with the back-up alarm tone generator and
  • Includes a line switcher (IMCOS-9220) with an audio line detector for automatic changeover from master to backup
  • Supporting one or two alarm tone generators (IMCOS-1000) used to generate up to two alarm tones and manage logic relay priority of speech signals, according to defined rules. Output signals are sent to a line preamplifier (IMCOS-8210) for levels adjustment
  • When geographical redundancy is required, it is possible to install two IMCOS 3002 controllers in separate cabinets, having one controller for master and another one for backup
  • The front panel can integrate a 25 pushbuttons polycarbonate keypad with a microphone for PA/GA announcements and up to 7 illuminated emergency pushbuttons
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IMCOS-3002 System Controller Assembly is the main part of IMCOS system.

It contains all modules dedicated to the most important tasks of the system, as public address, talk back and alarms functions, including alarm tone generators and line preamplifiers.

It can integrate a PA/GA control panel to make voice announcements or to send
pre-recorded ones through the PA or to communicate with the talk back substations.
It can provide dedicated push buttons, customizable for specific alarms.

Material Aluminium – black colour RAL 9005
Mounting Rack mounting – 19” rack
Wiring Terminal strip on IMCOS 7P connector PCB
Dimensions Height 220 mm, width 482 mm (5U)