IMCOS-3510 Master clock

  • Two versions available:
    • Rack mounting (IMCOS-3510);
    • Stand alone (IMCOS-3510-S)
  • 2 output signals: 1 for UTC and 1 for Local Time (LT)
  • FFWD pushbutton for manual adjustment of UTC slave clock
  • FFWD and FBACKWD pushbuttons for manual adjustment of LT slave clocks
  • LCD display with the following information:
    • Date;
    • UTC time;
    • LT time;
    • LT offset
  • 4 push buttons for LCD display information setting
  • LCD display light adjustment
  • GPS time synchronization
  • Different powering options:
    • 24 V DC;
    • 220 V AC
  • Black colour RAL 9005 (front panel)
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IMCOS-3510 is a digital master clock with LCD display, set-up keyboard and internal microprocessor.

It is suitable for driving electric slave clock network with forward and backward time adjusting functionality.

It provides capabilities to sinchronize internal clock to the UTC Time provided by external GPS signal (NMEA 0183 – $GPZDA/$GPRMC Sentences).

Colour Black colour – RAL 9005 (front panel)
Mounting 19” Rack mounting (IMCOS-3510);
Console mounting (IMCOS-3510-S)
Power supply 24 V DC;
220 V AC
3 unit (IMCOS 3510);
Width 482mm, height 144 mm, depth 175mm
Weight 1,5 Kg
Accuracy ± 4 sec. per day (free run)