IMCOS-5309 Headset

  • Soft double foam head pads
  • Noise reduction pads
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Steel boom for steady microphone placement
  • Extensions from 1 to 15 mt.
  • Headset volume control
  • Headset size range 10 to 14 cm.
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IMCOS-530-CN is an aviation type headset suitable for noisy areas where hands-free operation is required.

Can be equipped with different length extensions for connection to IMCOS talk back stations and IMCOS self powered telephones amplified stations.

Colour Black
Microphone Noise-cancelling electret
Freq. response: 100Hz to 5kHz
Sensitivity: -33±4 dB
Matching impedance: 150-1000 ohms
Headset Dynamic type with in ear volume control
Frew. Response: 100Hz to 8kHz
Sensitivity: 95±5 dB SPL
Impedance: 150 ohms
Noise Reduction Attenuation 20Hz~20KHz
Capability 18~21dB
Headset Size Range 10-14cm
Weight 0.7 (approx. kg.) + Extension
Connection 1m cable with XS type + extension interface
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +70ºC