IMCOS-1402 Large watertight box for general use

  • Type 316L stainless steel options
  • Ingress protection IP66
  • Standard configuration includes
    3 incoming cable glands. Customization
    of the cable gland quantity according to
    the specific use of the box is possible
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IMCOS-1402 is a large watertight box able to contain various devices like  alarm/emergency control panel, in order to protect them in open air environment.

Suitable for use with IMCOS/SONIX type approved products.

Material Type 316L stainless steel (IMCOS-1402-I)
Mounting Wall mounting. 4 fixing holes inside the box or through the provided
mounting brackets kit
Cable gland
3 cable glands is standard
Number and size of incoming cable glands can be however
configured according to the specific use of the box
Dimensions Height 530 mm, width 430 mm, depth 200 mm
Weight 8,5 Kg: stainless steel empty box
Ingress protection IP66