IMCOS-6952 Talk back waterproof reversible substation

  • Standard PVC or Type 316L stainless steel option for watertight box material
  • The box includes:
    • 1 watertight horn;
    • 1 handheld microphone with push to talk button;
    • 1 watertight junction box
  • Different junction box versions:
    • standard, with only microphone socket and prewired horn
    • with microphone and horn sockets, for portable horn with own plug
  • Cable standard length 1,5 m
  • Loudspeaker power options of 10, 15 and 30 watt
  • Ingress Protection IP 66
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IMCOS-6952 is a talk back waterproof reversible substation composed by a waterproof box for wall mounting, containing a watertight horn and an handheld microphone with push to talk button.

Suitable for ship applications in deck areas and engine rooms

Material (box) PVC
Type 316L stainless steel
Cable glands 1xPG21 (3/4”) & 1xPG16 (5/8”)
Mounting Wall mounting
Wiring Standard terminal strip inside
Dimensions Height 530 mm, width 430 mm, depth 200 mm
Weight 13 Kg (IMCOS 6952-xy);
18 Kg (IMCOS 6952-xy-I)
Ingress protection IP66