IMCOS-9020 / IMCOS-9022 Single / multi-way self powered telephone

  • ABS. Non corrodible material
  • 12-way selector switch (IMCOS-9022)
  • Anti Rolling handset
  •  “READY” LED for start speaking signal
  • “R/S” LED for status of recharge (IMCOS-9020)
  • Optical LED call indication (IMCOS-9022)
  • Optional 24 V DC power supply
  • Dedicated headset with microphone suitable for noisy areas use
  • Extensible handset lead up to 1,5 mt
  • Different versions available:
    • console mounting (IMCOS-902x-C)
    • wall mount (IMCOS-902x-W)
    • portable with pre-wired plug and socket (IMCOS-902x-P)
  • Wall mounting version can be equipped with headset and microphone      (IMCOS-902x-W-HS)
  • Ingress Protection IP55
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IMCOS-9020 and IMCOS-9022 are self powered telephones, suitable for ship applications. Specifically designed for marine environment, requiring a harsh and rugged product.

IMCOS-9020 is a single-way telephone, while
IMCOS-9022 is a 12-way model.

Available in different versions, depending on the various installation locations.

Thanks to the built in audio generator and 12 stations selector switch, IMCOS-9022 allows a reliable point-to-point or multipoint communication with no central exchange needed. IMCOS-9020 can also be used for dedicated lines in a multiway system.

Type approved by marine class societies: ABS, BV, CCS, GL, LR, RINA. Tested according to EN60945, IACS-E10

Material ABS – black colour
Mounting Console / wall mounting / portable version
Screw terminals (-C / -W)
2 m. prewired cable and plug (-P)
Cable type: 3 cores screened cables + 1 per added station
Cable glands 1XPG29; 1XPG16 (only -W)
Ingress protection IP 55
1,2 Kg (IMCOS-9020-C) 1,3 Kg (IMCOS-9022-C)
1,3 Kg (IMCOS-9020-W) 1,5 Kg (IMCOS-9022-W)
1,8 Kg (IMCOS-9020-P) 2 Kg (IMCOS-9022-P)
Max/min temperature +70/-25 °C
Test certifications
according to EN 60945
Enclosure Emissions EN 55016-2-3
Immunity EN 61000
Dry heat cycle EN 60068-2-2
Damp heat cycle EN 60068-2-30
Cold Test EN 60068-2-1
Salt mist EN 60068-2-52
Ingress Protection EN 60529
Sinusoidal Vibration EN 60068-2-6