IMCOS-9020-S Watertight socket for single-way portable self-powered telephone

  • Coated aluminium watertight box
  • Grey colour RAL 7001
  • Ingress Protection IP 65
  • 24 V DC power supply provided as an option
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IMCOS-9020-S is a watertight socket used for connection of portable single-way selfpowered telephones (IMCOS-9020-P).

Suitable for marine applications.

Material Coated aluminium – grey colour RAL 7001
Mounting Wall mounting
Wiring Screw terminals inside
Cable type: 3 cores screened cable +1 per added station the network
Cable glands
optional gland
1x PGxx according to incoming cable size
1x PG16 (to be added if external relay unit is needed)
Dimensions Height 120 mm, width 122 mm, depth 81 mm
Weight 1,2 Kg
Ingress protection IP65