Eaton MTL4850 SIL3 Multiplexer

  • Mount directly to a range of customised connection units
  • MTL4850 designed for use with SIL3 loops (non interfering)
  • MTL4854 designed for use in partial-stroke test valve positioner applications
  • Connect over 2000 loops on one RS485 network
  • Auto baud rate detection
  • LED indication for fault diagnosis
  • Isolated Power Supply
  • Firmware upgradeable
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The MTL4850 HART Multiplexer offers a smaller footprint solution ideally suited to both retrofit and new project applications. Termination boards, carriers and integrated backplanes are available to enable the MTL4850 to interface to various instrumentation applications.

The MTL4850 Hart Multiplexer is now SIL3 rated for connection to instrument loops performing safety functions up to and including Safety Integrity Level SIL3. The international standard IEC 61508:2010 provides guidelines to achieving an adequate Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for systems, sub-systems and components. Functional Safety management requirements are found in IEC61508 which states that suppliers and subcontractors shall demonstrate functional safety management.

We conform to the requirements of the international standard IEC 61508:2010 for functional safety by being certified as a Functional Safety Management company.