Eaton MTL4854 Multi-modem Multiplexer

  • Mount directly to a range of customised connection units
  • MTL4850 designed for use with SIL3 loops (non interfering)
  • MTL4854 designed for use in partial-stroke test valve positioner applications
  • Connect over 2000 loops on one RS485 network
  • Auto baud rate detection
  • LED indication for fault diagnosis
  • Isolated Power Supply
  • Firmware upgradeable
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For applications where communication paths with several field devices need to be established and maintained in parallel, the MTL4854 HART® multiplexer is the ideal product to use. This is a module that has the same 32 channel capacity as the MTL4850 for connection to field devices but now has four HART modems rather than just one.

Essentially this gives 4 x 8 channel multiplexers in one compact housing, enabling simultaneous communication with several field devices through one serial link. One particular use for this is during partial-stroke testing of valve positioners, where the ability to maintain access to other connected devices while the multiplexer would otherwise be locked enables plant monitoring to continue.